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Deusto MBA

Campus Bilbao

Leadership and Workshops

In Deusto they are not only interested in leaders focusing in task achievement but also on the development of other areas, like communications, relationships and team work. We have had some excellent workshops in different leader development skills.

Leticia Zapata (Deusto MBA 2013)
Guanajuato (Mexico)

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Deusto MBA Experience

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Program at a glance

16 months / Bilbao-New York / Full-Time / Professional Experience / English / January 2015

Program at a glance MBA









The MBA program at Deusto Business School offers a disruptive approach, combining an international lecture experience in Bilbao and New York with a professional experience from the very beginning of the program.

Five Disruptive approaches….

  • Personalization (small group size)
  • Professional experience from the beginning and during the program
  • Taking place in Bilbao-New York
  • Opportunity to work abroad 3-5 weeks in a developing country
  • Internship opportunities


  • International faculty and student body
  • One year program
  • More than 70.000 alumni worldwide
  • Career Service
  • Strong business curriculum with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Business and Sustainability.

The MBA is the result of two converging realities:

On one hand, the long-established prestige of Deusto in the education of the most representative corporate leaders in Spain today due to its rigorous approach to the fundamentals of management.

On the other hand, the new international trends in business education, centered on the three dimensions of sustainability, digital networked strategy and innovation and entrepreneurship. Specifically, by creating its new MBA, Deusto Business School aims to be a pioneering school directly inspired by the framework of the UN-supported initiative, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).


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Deusto MBA sets you apart and gives you a genuine edge in the labor market. Whether your goal is to further your career within your present company , take on new or global responsibilities, or pursue an entrepreneurial route, the Deusto MBA will provide you with the ability, vision and confidence to operate successfully anywhere in the world.

  • The practical business expertise and the new approach to management theory that you develop at Deusto will change your attitudes to decision- making and give you the ideas, inspiration, and network of contacts to shape your future career.
  • You will be equipped to move quickly and confidently up the career ladder.
  • The program will enable you to make the transition from a technical or functional role to a general management position.
  • The elective portfolio allows you to specialize in the relevant subject areas of today's business world.
  • The period of Service Learning offers a challenging experience that is designed to develop practical skills and heighten your social awareness.
  • You will gain entrepreneurial skills to help you develop your own venture or implement innovative ideas within your company or organization.
  • You will build an international network of personal and professional contacts.



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