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Foundation Vizcaína Aguirre

The Foundation, which made possible the birth of the University Comercial of Deusto in 1916, continues to this day to collaborate with Deusto Business School. Its major contributions include the renovation of the La Comercial building and its continuing support for initiatives and projects that enrich the faculty.


Hermanos Icaza Creation of the University Comercial

The Foundation Vizcaína Aguirre made possible, in 1916, the creation of the University Comercial of Deusto.

Don Pedro de Icaza, fulfilling the will of his uncles Pedro and Domingo de Aguirre and with the support of the Basque business class, left the direction of studies in the hands of the Company of Jesus to undertake the project of La Universidad Comercial.

He created the Foundation Vizcaína Aguirre, acquired the land and paid for the building. In this manner, the generosity of the Aguirre family made possible the creation of the first centre in Spain to provide economic and business studies with university status.

hermano icaza Principles

Its founding statutes stipulated that the curriculum should lend particular attention to the following principles:

  • ⇒ The provision of progressive education
  • ⇒ Emphasis on the study of languages
  • Theoretical and practical teaching methodology
  • ⇒ Education of the complete person, including the ethical aspects of business

The contribution of the Foundation

Until the early 50s, thanks to funding from the FVA, teaching at the La Comercíal University was free. From then on until 1971 – when La Comercial University became the University of Deusto – at least 51% of students received grants from the Foundation. In May 1998, the University Chair, Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre, was set up to welcome and encourage all initiatives promoted by this institution for the benefit of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences at the Bilbao campus.
Together with other entities, it has supported for many years the following:

  • Management skills training and ‘coaching’ for undergraduates.
  • The specialisation in Logistics in the undergraduate degree programme.
  • The provision of computers and multimedia.
  • Visiting foreign professors and international relations with other universities
  • Teacher training abroad.
  • Etc.

hermanos icaza2 The Foundation has recently given its financial support to the renovation of the La Comercial building, which was re-opened in 2011after its complete modernisation.

In the new era that emerged after the integration of La Comercial into the University of Deusto, the FVA has maintained links with DBS via the School’s Board of Directors and, in accordance with the legacy and founding principles of their founders, remains committed to funding projects and promoting excellence, innovation and internationalisation.



The heirs of Pedro de Icaza constitute the current members of the Board of Patrons, which has its headquarters in La Comercial building.

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